Pre-Sales Questions

If you want to know more before making your purchase this section will help you clarify any point. Vigeowebsite is the easiest way to quickly launch your new Website. No technical skills or experience is required.

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Complete Layout adapted to any type of business.
Perfect to present all kinds of products or services.
Your website in a modern and visually stunning way.
Allows website to be navigate easily and pleasantly.

Create configurations by changing different elements.
Easily show promotions only seasonally.
Vary the products or services that you want to highlight.
Change from one configuration to another with 1-click.

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese.
Display your website in the languages you want.
You can work in the language of your preference.
Your visitors can easily switch between languages.

Contact form ready to use on your website.
Receive the contact form directly in your email box.
General form with pdf upload for documents.
Visualize and print the pdf from your Dashboard.


No technical skills or experience is required.
Only add your information to generate your website.
Manage your website from any device you have.
Make changes to automatically update your website.

Use Vigeowebsite from pc, laptop, tablet, smartphone.
From any devices you can use all the features.
Vigeowebsite adapts to any device no matter its size.
Connect to Vigeowebsite from wherever you are.

Images can come directly from the smartphone camera.
Reduce images to the required size and compress them.
Images occupy less space without losing quality.
Your website with great images and great performance.

Create other users for the maintenance of your website.
Share the work with users that you authorize.
Grant access and permissions to all or some areas.
Create as many collaborating user accounts as you wish.


Domain name .com, .net or .org free the first year.
You can register about 500 different domain names.
You are the owner and administrator of your domains.
Easily manage your domains from your client area.

The .com, .net or .org domain transfer is free.
The vast majority of domains can be transferred to us.
If you transfer your domain you remain as the owner.
You directly administer the domains that you transfer.

Helps you protect your personal information.
Reduce the amount of spam to your inbox.
Only for domains registered or transferred with us.
You can optionally activate the Whois Privacy.

Use an existing domain and point it to your website.
Website can have more than 1 domain pointed to it.
Domain pointers can be registered or not with us.
You can point a new domain to your website anytime.


Up to 10 Email Boxes with your Domain.
Get email addresses for you and your team.
You can assign specific quotas to each email account.
Emails integrated into a tool for team collaboration.

Smartermail Enterprise Edition is included.
Create and manage all email accounts easily.
Manage email, chat, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
Check your email at any time from where you are.

To easily configure your preferred email client program.
Simple hostnames server mail.yourdomain.com.
Compatible with support to SMTP Authentication.
You email accounts can use encrypted connection.

Corporate Email is a service optional if required.
Synchronization center for mobile and applications.
You can synchronize meeting, contacts, mail, tasks.
SyncML enabled, CardDAV, CalDAV and Exchange.


Use of MSSQL Server to store your information.
MSSQL disk space scales automatically when necessary.
Backup of your database is included in general backup.
Backup and restore if necessary are automatic.

Website, files, database stored on Solid State Drives.
Datacenters in both United States and Europe.
SQL Data hosted on separate servers for performance.
High Performance Dell Equallogic Sans to store data.

Disk space adjusts automatically when necessary.
All data is stored in High Performance SSD disk.
Space is distributed to Website, Dashboard and MSSQL.
MSSQL hosted separate of Website and Dashboard.

Bandwidth adjusts automatically on demand.
Ready for monthly visitors from average website.
Always guaranteeing a minimum bandwidth of 50 GB.
With minimum bandwidth until 20,000 monthly visitors.


Automatic Backup of both your website and databases.
Backups are maintained for up to 7 days.
Two copies of the backup stored in different places.
You will never have to worry about backup again.

Main backup and backup mirror for reliability.
A main backup is stored next to the website.
A mirror backup is stored elsewhere.
If primary backup fails to restore, the mirror is used.

7-day cycles, oldest backup has a maximum of 7 days.
Backup is performed once a day in variable time.
Two copies of the daily backup are always stored.
Each backup copy is located in a different place.

The restoration is always free and automatic.
The most recent backup is used in decreasing order.
Quick restoration when using backup next to website.
Restoration assured by cyclic and reduntant backups.


Verify your domain with major search engines in market.
Domain Verification with Google, Bing and Yandex.
Verify you website with major antivirus in market.
Antivirus Verification Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee.

Website ready for integration with Google Analytics.
Your website optimized to be SEO friendly.
You can include some keywords in case you want.
Track all traffic to your website with Google Analytics.

Open Graph protocol is enabled in your website.
Help the website to be showy in social media.
Allows search engines to index your content better.
Open Graph for Facebook and other social media.

Twitter Cards is enabled in your website.
Help your website be eye-catching in Tweets.
Tweet links to website with Card added to the Tweet.
They can help generate more traffic to your website.


You have great variety of preloaded themes to use.
Default Theme Pack to select your website main theme.
Holidays Theme Pack, Black Friday, Christmas and other.
Seasonal Theme Pack, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Six colors that determine how your website looks.
You can have unlimited color schemes for theme.
Preloaded themes include 3 color schemes by default.
Individually modify any color of the color schemes.

Upload custom themes, headers, backgrounds, icons.
Full control over the elements that make up the themes.
Add or delete headers, backgrounds or color schemes.
Create your own themes directly from your Dashboard.

1-click to change website theme or configuration.
Individually change headers, backgrounds and icons.
Change full color schemes or individual colors.
1-click to return to any theme or configuration.


Segurity pack SSL + Dedicated IP free first year.
Dedicated IP that is not shared by another website.
Website seal to indicate that your site is safe.
Your website with secure transfer 256-bit encryption.

Ideal if your website requires user registration.
Your website can use four external login providers.
Visitors can use external account for log in website.
Access site via Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft.

Site Guard is protection from hackers.
Helps prevent hackers from hacking your website.
Site Guard can stop a great variety of attacks.
You can optionally activate Site Guard.

Can to offer your customers higher level of security.
We use Twilio for Two-factor Authentication with SMS.
A code is sent by SMS to the mobile of your customer.
You can activate this option using your Twilio account.


Login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft.
You visitors can use your external account for login.
Multi-language integration with Smartsupp Live Chat.
You can have Live Chat throughout your website.

Integration with Google Maps and libraries how Places.
Use maps, automatic address search on your website.
Visitors have better experience entering their address.
A map allows your customers to locate you more easily.

Scale and compress images when you upload them.
PNG and JPEG Images Compression for performance.
Reduce the images to the required size by the template.
Compress the website images without losing quality.

Higher security Two-factor Authentication with SMS.
A code is sent by SMS to customer mobile.
You can activate this option using your Twilio account.
Optional security in addition to the standard site login.


Minor or major updates, periodic, timely, always free.
We will keep everything updated and working properly.
You will not have to worry, the updates are automatic.
Your website will always use the latest technologies.

So you can easily learn how to use Vigeowebsite.
Step by step manuals, tutorials, videos and guides.
You can perform quick searches of the topic you want.
Easy to use, structured and divided into sections.

We will always do all the technical work for you.
Helpdesk a full range of resources to help you.
Live Chat in case you require personally assisted help.
24/7 technical support to help you with what you need.

You can create your own website or we do it for you.
Your Google Analytics and My Business accounts.
Integration with Google Analytics, Search & Maps.
We can help you with the launch of your new website.

Coming Soon

Easily manage your inventory of products or services.
Accepts the main credit cards in the market and PayPal.
Security and reduced liability using tokenised gateway.
Shopping cart offers customers great user experience.

Promote your products or services on iOS and Android.
Fully integrated apps with Online Shop module.
It incorporates latest features of iOS and Android.
Work on any smartphone or tablet iOS and Android.

For Freelancer or Agencies in the Designers Program.
If you have your own themes designs for Vigeowebsite.
Offer and sell your designs to Vigeowebsite community.
No commission, what you get is just for you!

All active users of Vigeowebsite can participate.
If you have promotions or are looking for a barter.
Offer, sell or exchange with other community users.
No commission, direct contact between the parties.


Website, Dashboard, Domain, Email, Hosting, Backup, SEO, Themes, Security, Integrations, Updates and Coming Soon.


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